Hampton Cove Campus

Hampton Cove Campus

Our Hampton Cove campus sits just across the street from the elementary school in which the original church services were held more than twenty years ago. Sunday mornings on campus include an energetic worship set, an inspirational message and spaces and programming that your kids and students will love! We invite you to join us; we promise you’ll be greeted with a genuine and enthusiastic smile.

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366 Old Hwy 431
Owens Cross Roads, AL 35763

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Sunday Worship

9 & 10:45am


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Current Series

Sticks and Stones: The dictionary should have a “handle with care” warning on the cover. Words can be wielded as weapons of mass destruction when spoken in haste or anger. But when used in love, they can bring healing and peace like nothing else. In Sticks and Stones, we’ll examine the power of conversation in our culture and in our lives.

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