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Ryan Epps & Stephen Hampton | 5/20/2018

Life’s journey is difficult. It is better that we don’t go it alone. God designed companionship to shoulder life’s burdens, and share its pleasures.

Ryan Epps | 5/13/2018

Life’s not about having more its about learning to enjoy what you already have. God is not trying to take any pleasure away from us, but to give us more. once we learn to find our satisfaction in God himself, then all of his gifts become the best and truest pleasures.

Ryan Epps | 5/6/2018

In light of the certainty of death, life without God is meaningless.

Ryan Epps | 4/29/2018

By the grace of God, we have the power to break free from the prison of un-forgiveness.

Ryan Epps | 4/22/2018

By the grace of God, we can parent our children through all seasons of life.

Ryan Epps | 4/15/2018

By the grace of God our marriages can flourish.

Ryan Epps | 4/8/2018

By the grace of God we are saved and because of the grace of God we serve.

Ryan Epps | 4/1/2018

Easter at Cove 2018: Audacious Grace

John Tanner | 3/25/2018

Even though God forgives our sins, when we confess, we still must forgive ourselves and live with the consequences of our sin.

Ryan Epps | 3/18/2018

The church should be a place of refuge and healing for victims of sexual harassment, assault and abuse.  We cannot be silent.

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