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Ryan Epps | 3/18/2018

The church should be a place of refuge and healing for victims of sexual harassment, assault and abuse.  We cannot be silent.

Ryan Epps | 3/11/2018

Our identity is not determined by our past or our circumstances but by our position in Christ.

Ryan Epps | 3/4/2018

Jesus draws us into intimacy with God by radical identification with our brokenness.

Ryan Epps | 2/25/2018

Words are the primary building blocks we use to build one another up. Don't wait for the Eulogy

Ryan Epps | 2/18/2018

In a world that seems more polarized then ever the church should lead the way towards civility.

Ryan Epps | 2/11/2018

Healthy communication patterns is the key to life giving relationships

Rica McRoy | 2/4/2018

Our words have tremendous power to hurt or heal; handle with care...

Ryan Epps | 1/28/2018

How we see ourselves as the people of God. We’re equipped by the Holy Spirit. Not called to be an audience but an army.

BOTTOM LINE: We must ban together united in mission to see our communities experience awakening.

Rica McRoy | 1/21/2018

The person and work of the holy spirit. forgotten god. invitation to receive the holy spirit at the end.

BOTTOM LINE: Surrendering to the HS is the pathway to awakening.

Ryan Epps | 1/14/2018

Community. The story of Pentecost – how they waited together. Corporate worship. Doing it alone isn’t the same. Individualism is against this. CW can’t be an occasional add on.

BOTTOM LINE: When the people of God come together in unity, the atmosphere is ripe for awakening.

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