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Rica McRoy | 7/15/2018

The test of faith is the willingness to stand for something even if it costs us everything.

Ryan Epps | 7/8/2018

It's better to be remembered for standing out than forgotten for blending in.

Ryan Epps | 7/1/2018

Rescuing others always involves risk.  Are we willing to take it?  Jesus risked and sacrificed so much rescuing us, therefore, we should be willing to do the same for others.

John Tanner | 6/24/2018

God’s image in us is found not in our faces but in our ability to give and receive love.

Ryan Epps | 6/17/2018

Despite our past or present circumstances, God is calling us all to dream big and love big.

Allen Wilson | 6/10/2018

Following our hearts can sometimes get us into trouble.  Family love and remembrance can help get us out.

Rica McRoy | 6/3/2018

Life can be disorienting but there is always a way home.

Ryan Epps | 5/27/2018

The reason we fight for justice now is because all things will be made right in the end.

Ryan Epps & Stephen Hampton | 5/20/2018

Life’s journey is difficult. It is better that we don’t go it alone. God designed companionship to shoulder life’s burdens, and share its pleasures.

Ryan Epps | 5/13/2018

Life’s not about having more its about learning to enjoy what you already have. God is not trying to take any pleasure away from us, but to give us more. once we learn to find our satisfaction in God himself, then all of his gifts become the best and truest pleasures.

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