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Chase Campus

Ryan Epps | 8/20/2017

We're not merely about checking a box, having programs, building buildings, or meeting budgets. We're not just about inviting people to profess faith and leaving it there. We are a place of development. A place of growth. There is always a next step on the journey.

Ryan Epps | 8/13/2017

We believe life is better connected. God made us to thrive in intimate relationships. We believe connection in healthy, authentic, Christian community is the life-blood of our church.

Ryan Epps | 8/6/2017

We are a place where skeptics are welcome. You don't have to believe before you belong and you don't have to check your brain at the door. We value intellectual honesty, civility, and open-minded dialogue. We choose to address the most difficult cultural issues of our day head on, in a biblical and grace filled way. We aspire to be a safe place to admit your doubts and explore your faith.

Ryan Epps | 7/30/2017

Paul closes by challenging the Galatians to fulfill the law of Christ by bearing one other’s burdens. How do we do this in healthy ways? (by God’s strength, not our own, with healthy boundaries, etc.)

Ryan Epps | 7/23/2017

Paul contrasts the desires/acts of the flesh with the fruit of the Spirit. What is the flesh? What does it mean to live in step with the Spirit and not according to the flesh?

Ryan Epps | 7/16/2017

Paul tells the Galatians that the “only thing that matters” is faith expressing itself through love. None of us can be justified before God by our works. We can only be justified by grace through faith.

Ryan Epps | 7/9/2017

In Christ a new creation, along with a new identity and a new community, has been forged. We are the family of God. The dividing walls of hostility have been removed. We are one in Christ.

Ryan Epps | 7/2/2017

Through Christ we have been set free. We are not bound by the letter of the Old Covenant law. But is that a license to do whatever we wish? Would that be real freedom or just another form of bondage?

Ryan Epps | 6/25/2017

In this series introduction, we will learn about the background and context of Paul’s letter to the Galatians, why he was so fired up, and why the false gospel of legalism they were being taught is so dangerous.

Ryan Epps | 6/18/2017

Before Jesus public ministry began he was tested in the wilderness. Watching how Jesus navigated his way through this challenge will equip us for our own wilderness journey.

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