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John Tanner | 10/22/2017

There is a modern day demon that doesn't discriminate between rich and poor, old and young, saint and sinner. The mere mention of its name stops all of us in our tracks. Cancer. In one way or another this terrible disease has affected all our lives, some more tragically than others. This week we'll be trying to piece together a theology of cancer. What are our resources as followers of Jesus to confront this demon and draw strength from a God who there in the midst of our suffering? Come and see.

John Tanner | 10/15/2017

Biblical demons brought affliction through disease, possession and spiritual warfare. Modern day demons, too, have power to physically exhaust us, threaten our families and overwhelm our spirits. We're bringing three modern day demons -- depression, cancer and drug addiction -- into the light during our October teaching series. We'll be talking about where to find God in the midst of suffering and how, as God's children, we can support one another in times of turmoil.

Allen Wilson | 10/08/2017

They say "teamwork makes the dream work." This is also true for how the Kingdom of God advances... as God's people come together as One body to love one another well.

John Tanner | 10/01/2017

There is something almost metaphysical about the sport of baseball. Perhaps one reason is everyone has the same goal, one that resonates in the human heart. That goal is finding your way back to where you began the journey: a place called home. There is a "homing device" in our soul that draws us back into a relationship with our heavenly Father and our eternal home. In this message we'll give a clear invitation to find your way home by trusting in Christ.

John Tanner | 9/24/2017

Golf is not a game of perfect and neither is life. But we have a Heavenly Father whose perfect love overcomes fear and helps us to persevere.

Troy Siebel | 9/17/2017

Rodney Dangerfield once said, "I went to a fight the other night, and a hockey game broke out." Hockey is not a game for the faint of heart. Neither is the journey of faith. Because we have an enemy, scripture teaches us that we are in a spiritual battle. We need to be equipped to fight the good fight. But the weapons of our warfare are different in this fight. God's word (the playbook), prayer (relationship with the coach), and community (teammates) give us the defense we need to be victorious.

John Tanner | 9/10/2017

Touchdown!! The incredible play where the player jukes and spin moves his way into the endzone is exciting.  But in between the big plays are a lot of short ones, and those short plays are often decided by a matter of inches.  Following Jesus is often the same way.  Some of our plays (steps), are like the big play that makes it to the highlight reel on Sports Center. But other plays feel more like inches striving for the first down.  Each play, moves us closer and closer to the goal of becoming more like Jesus.

John Tanner | 9/3/2017

We believe the gospel is good news. There's enough bad news in the world! So, we are not about legalism, formality or long faced religion. We believe the church should be the happiest place on earth. So we believe in creating fun, irresistible environments for all ages. We believe in celebrative worship. We believe in intentional celebration. We believe a healthy church has lots of laughter. We are able to laugh at ourselves, and never take ourselves too seriously.

John Tanner | 8/27/2017

We're crazy enough to believe that the world we live in can change. We believe Jesus came not just to get us from earth to heaven, but to bring heaven to earth. We believe that the gospel of Jesus is the world's only real hope. We embrace a higher purpose of seeing God's will accomplished "on earth as it is in heaven." This passion for God's mission in the world drives our generosity. Hence, we have given away almost $2 million over the past decade to invest in mission causes outside of our walls.

John Tanner | 8/20/2017

We're not merely about checking a box, having programs, building buildings, or meeting budgets. We're not just about inviting people to profess faith and leaving it there. We are a place of development. A place of growth. There is always a next step on the journey.

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