Summer Online Groups

June 1 – July 31 | Online

Stay connected and inspired this summer by being part of an online group!

Women’s Bible Study – “Nice” by Sharon Hodde Miller. We live in a culture that prizes niceness as one of its highest virtues, but it is not always what God wants from us. This study provides practical steps to identify this seemingly innocent idol in our lives and restore the power of our faith.

“Doing Love” is an experiment of faith in action for men and women. The Bible says we will be known by our love. But are we growing in this most-important area? For seven weeks, we’ll prioritize Jesus’ command to love one another in practical ways, learn from the Bible and share our experiences in a weekly, one-hour online meeting.

“The Bible Recap” is an accountability group for men and women who would like help in developing a daily Bible reading habit. The group does not meet but follows The Bible Recap reading plan together on YouVersion, where there is space to interact and comment on each day’s reading or ask questions.