Fasting can lead to a deeper intimacy with God. Fasting is a way to remove whatever the distractions are that keep you from focusing on your relationship with God. Fasting is a way to say “No” to what is good, so you can say “Yes” to what is better. Fasting reminds you that God is enough. Your personal fast needs to be challenging, but it also needs to take your personal health into consideration. Fasting and praying go hand in hand, and they lead to a deeper connection with God and the ability to discern what the Holy Spirit is leading you to do.

Types of Fasts


Fully fasting from all foods and only drinking liquids (usually water only, but light juices are other possibilities).


A partial fast is fasting from certain foods or food types or fully fasting but only one or two meals each day. Whole 30, the Daniel Fast and the Jewish Fast are examples of partial fasts.


When fasting from food is an issue due to health concerns or other reasons, a soul fast is another great option. A soul fast is a way to declutter your life and your soul as you stop doing certain things, so that you can better focus your heart and soul in prayer. A soul fast might include fasting from social media, Netflix or anything else that gets in the way of your relationship with God. At the end of the fast, you may or may not add these items back into your life. Follow the Holy Spirit’s lead.

When to Fast


At Cove Church, we make the month of January a season of prayer and fasting as we pray for a great awakening. You are invited to join us in fasting during our 21 Days of Prayer from January 9th thru 29th. You may feel led to fast at other times during the year as well. You can fast for one meal, a single day or a few days. When you fast is not as important as why you fast. The key is to focus on God and connect with Him in a deeper way.

Scripture References about Fasting:

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