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The Big Give 

Addiction isn’t something we share on our Facebook wall or in our Instagram feed. We don’t write about it in our annual Christmas letters or slip it casually into conversation. It’s an issue we shove to the deepest and darkest corners of our closets – the shame of it being too heavy a burden to bear. All too often, it’s a private struggle with dire consequences. And it’s not as uncommon a problem as it might seem. Chances are, you or someone important to you has faced addiction in one form or another.

Eventually, addiction takes on a life of its own. Like a lava flow, it creeps out from that dark closet and begins to destroy anything and everything in its path. It claims careers, relationships, families and even lives. It’s prevalent and it does not discriminate. At times, its victims might feel like there is nowhere to run. No escape. But that’s not true.

Addiction is a tough beast to slay, but make no mistake, it can be slayed. Hope is within reach. Recovery is possible. Restoration can happen.

Please prayerfully consider making a financial contribution to the Big Give. More than meeting a numerical goal, we want to make a difference in the lives of individuals, couples and families who have been hurt by the effects of addiction.




His Way

His Way

A Christian-based residential recovery program for men struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.
Goal: $90,000*

Christian Union Sports Club

Colombian soccer ministry presenting the gospel on the front lines of the drug trafficking industry in South America.
Goal: $50,000*
the landing

The Landing

A community of people who meet with God and one another in pursuit of healing from hurts, habits, and hang ups.
Goal: $50,000*
Not One More Alabama

Not One More Alabama

Saving lives locally by lifting the stigma of substance abuse and walking alongside those who are in crisis.
Goal: $10,000*

*Numbers are based on percentages of our 200k goal 

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