Life is better connected.

In our communities, we find safe spaces to know others and to truly be known. God uses the people we’re connected with to love us, grow our faith and teach us to live following the way of Jesus.

Find connection at Discover Community.

Whether you bring a few friends or meet new ones there, Discover Community is a place where you can pursue authentic community and spiritual growth. It’s a series of three gatherings, where your only role is to show up, join in and be real. If you want help starting or joining a group at Cove, Discover Community is your next best step.


Groups are where we gather to laugh, to learn and to lean on each other. They are all quite different, just like we are. But the core of each is the same – a place to be known and loved by others who are wrestling with what it really means to follow Jesus.


Events created for all types of groups, large and small, play a huge role in community life at Cove. And if it’s happening at Cove, you can always find out about it on our Events page.