When we set aside a specific portion of our income and use it to further God’s kingdom, we are declaring who and what is most important to us. Without a doubt, the monetary gifts we give go a long way in changing the world around us. But we believe that God also uses our cheerful generosity as a means of drawing us deeper into relationship with Him.

2020 Giving Statements

To download a statement of your 2020 gifts:
• Login to the Hub
• Select “people” in the menu on the left of the page
• Type in your name and select yourself
• Go to “Involvement”
• Go to “Financial”
• Click the three small dots in the upper right hand corner of the page
• Go to “Giving statement”
• Select: Family
• Select: Custom date range
• Enter: 1/1/2020 – 12/31/2020
• Select “Run Report”